The father made a bowling alley for the children right in the house. They were happy until they found out under what condition they could play

A quick-witted Briton has found a way to please the children while the family is in quarantine, and organized a bowling alley at home, writes The Sun. In a long corridor, he built an impromptu path, and instead of a ball, a roll of toilet paper was used, while the bushings replaced the usual Skittles.

The children took the idea of dad with a bang because being in isolation all day and doing homework is so-so fun. However, soon the joy of the schoolchildren was replaced by questions because they found out what conditions must be met in order to play a game.

The Briton organized the sale of tickets for his bowling alley. The price was three pounds. It is worth noting that this price included French fries, a drink, and a hamburger so that visitors could have a snack during the break – just like in a real entertainment venue.

Moreover, the man even designed a table to count the points of the players. And also designed the place of the administrator, so that the family would definitely not pass by.

The children and wife of the Briton, according to him, willingly paid for the tickets and replenished either the man’s wallet or the family treasury.

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