The fishermen found an old wagon in the middle of the taiga and decided to spend the night there.

People were going fishing in the taiga lake. In the evening it snowed, and in search of a place to sleep, the fishermen went to an old railway car that stood in the middle of the taiga. Its rusty walls promised at least some protection from the weather: Surviving camera footage shows people walking inside, and before that, they pay attention to footprints at the doors. The fishermen carefully stored firewood in advance, even before spending the night. Arrived at the car, one of them drew attention to the tracks of an animal.

The car doors were not locked. Inside, it turned out that the old frame had been transformed into a kind of forest bric-a-brac: the walls were sheathed in wood, and in one of the corners was a stove with a chimney exit to the outside. In the taiga, small huts and houses for spending the night are found in a variety of places and anyone can stay there. There are also their own unspoken laws: you absolutely must leave new firewood near the stove and food, for example canned goods or bread. Nevertheless, the wagon in the middle of the taiga still looked at least strange.

It was only possible to bring it here through the dense forest by a cargo helicopter. After finding the car, people no longer turned off the camera and filmed all the events in detail: In the morning, the fishermen went about their business. At the stove located in the car, they, as expected, left fresh firewood.


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