The former millionaire went to a desert island for a week, then stayed there and lived alone for 20 years

We all know the story of Robinson Crusoe and read the book as a child.

But few people know that the modern Robinson the hermit lives in complete solitude on a desert island.

The former millionaire from Guinea lost everything overnight when a financial crisis broke out in

the distant 80s of the 19th century.

He had a family, children, but they also abandoned him.

David owned a large gold mining company and was a successful businessman.

However, the collapse of the business, and in particular the betrayal of his relatives, broke the man.

The former millionaire went to a desert island in the middle of the ocean to rest and gather strength.

Initially, he planned to stay there for a week, two at the most, but he stayed for a years.

The man was so tired of noisy cities and civilization that he wanted to stay with nature forever.

The former businessman lives quite comfortably. He has a hut that has all the amenities of the modern world.

He walks around the island, watching animals and birds, hunting and fishing.

Sometimes, when it is necessary to buy food or some household goods,

he sails from the island to land once or twice a year. As a last resort, the island has a satellite phone,

which can be used to contact any nearby city or town.

David is not very talkative and does not like to give interviews to journalists.

However, he did give a few rare interviews.

In them, he said that it is not so easy to survive in the wild nature when you have no one to turn to for help.

For example, when he is sick, he has to be treated with natural remedies.

He took with him a handbook in which he can learn about the healing properties of various herbs.

He does not regret that he moved to the island and does not want to return to his former life.

Life on the island taught him to be himself and love life.

Despite all the difficulties, he found happiness there. The only people he misses are his children.

They do not keep in touch with their father.

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