The friends bought the old bus and turned it into their house

Katie and Kristin are two friends who spend all their time together. The girls have been friends since their student days and rent housing together. However, renting an apartment in a big city is not a cheap pleasure, and buying an apartment is simply unrealistic. Then the girls came up with an original idea to make a motorhome out of a school bus.

In the US, it is quite common to convert a camper or bus into permanent housing. Someone wants to be on the move and be able to rush to the other end of the country at any time, while someone is trying to save money on rent in this way. The reasons may be different.The girls bought an old school bus to turn it into a dream house. They converted their bus into a fully furnished house of 27.7 sq.m. Instead of living in their own separate apartments, which had about $4,500 monthly rent, they bought a late 80s school bus for $7,500.

The girls realized that they would not be able to cope with the transformation themselves, so they turned to a special company. Although the bus itself cost $7,500, the cost of the project rose to about $50,000 with repairs. The friends were able to save on furniture and buy it very cheaply, as their relatives had a furniture business. The main task was to design a living space from scratch and decide how everything would look. The house has everything you need for life. Spacious living room, kitchen, pantry and nursery, bathroom, bedroom and driver’s seat fit into a not large area. In addition, there is electricity and water. The interior is cozy, modern and minimalistic.

The living room has a curved sofa, sofa chair, bookshelf and TV cabinet, the bedroom has a double bed and a bedside table. The kitchen is fully equipped with a sink, refrigerator, cooking utensils and a dining area, while the bathroom has a sink, toilet and shower. Most of the repair work was done by professionals, but Katie and Kristin drew the design themselves. The bus is in working order, so when Katy got a new job in another city, they moved there from Los Angeles, visiting several tourist spots along the way. Now the girls live in a motorhome and pay only $800 a month for the plot.

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