The girl sewed her evening dress by herself with tape and spent 400 hours

In America, the tradition of the formal dress contest for graduation is preserved. And this year’s grad from Illinois excelled. About 400 hours that a young American named Peyton Manker spent creating her prom outfit. No, the girl doesn’t like sewing.

She created her luxurious pop art dress from packaging materials, namely from 41 rolls of ordinary colored tape. And a 43 meter spool of wire. The weight of such unusual clothes is 24 kilograms. And the wire frame, on which the layers of adhesive tape are held, adds another 18 kilograms to the actual mass. However, the dress looks quite light and looks great on the girl. Especially in combination with unusual accessories and a handbag, also handmade.

Unusual hand painted Peyton outfit. On her outfit, Miss Manker reflected everything. The creativity and high quality of this work led to the fact that her mother’s Facebook post about her daughter’s creative creation received 148,000 likes. And about 254,000 reposts. Users admired the girl’s perseverance: to create a dress, she thought about the idea, collected materials and implemented her plan for about four months.

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