The grandson decided to fulfill his grandmother’s dreams. Nanra started taking her on a trip

Regardless of age, everyone has dreams they want to achieve. The main achievement of our life is the realization of our most sincere dreams. Even at 100 a person can dream, after all at 100 a person is still a human being. Only age changes, which is only a number, but the spirit remains the same, even on the threshold of old age it becomes younger.

Our heroine, who was 89 years old, also had dreams and hidden emotions. Her dreams did not come true at a young age due to family and lack of rest. The woman worked day and night in a supermarket to cover the family expenses. She had no husband and only one of her three sons survived. Now he lived alone in his humble abode away from everyone. His only friend was the TV.

From time to time, he fell into the lap of memories and gave himself hope that one day perhaps he would see the wonderful mountains and seas created by nature, even from afar. This dream had accompanied him for years. Joey had a grandson who came to visit his grandmother one day and offered to join their hiking group.

At first, the grandmother hesitated, then remembered the mountains and the seas and confidently agreed. After a while it turned out that he could be the best and most active climber. They weren’t even you can imagine that was the old dream of the wife, who could not remain unfulfilled .

Joy broke away from her daily worries and found her favorite pastime to fill her years with cherished and hidden emotions. He was happy and satisfied with his meditation.

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