The grandson was able to fulfill the dream of his 90-year-old grandmother. Now she has even more plans for life

There are many people who are old enough but don’t stop dreaming.

One such a woman is 90-year-old Joy Ryan, who lived a life full of happy and sad moments.

In all her life the family and loved ones came first and she always postponed her own wishes and dreams.

But now we will prove that it is possible to live “to the fullest” no matter how old you are.

Joy’s family wasn’t wealthy. She lived in a small town and worked in the supermarket.

Of course she sometimes had a vacation but in all her life she didn’t see the real sea.

Now she is old and spends all her day watching TV.

One day everything was changed when she met her beloved granson.

Her grandson is doing hiking with some of his friends.

The grandmother’s curiosity and sincere regret that she could never

visit such a wonderful place made her grandson think.

As his grandmother was often ill, he wanted to be closer to

her and bring joyful moments to his hobby..

At that time Joy was 85, but she agreed to join him without hesitation.

Despite the age difference, they got on quite well.

They were both really very excited. Her grandson shared their photos in different platforms.

One day they got a donation, far exceeding their initial expectations.

Now experienced traveler Joy has visited half of the country and plans to see the rest.

Despite it she plans to do skydiving too.

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