The house, which the family left for 9 months, was taken over by a huge factory

The story of how nature took over the house in nine months. The couple bought their own house in a small green town in Britain.

However, by coincidence, they could not immediately move there.

The area where they bought the house was adjacent to the forest, and their house was surrounded by wild grapes and creeping vines.

The couple were able to move into the house only a year later. And what was their astonishment when they saw what their house had become?

All the walls inside the house were covered with creepers. And wild grapes completely covered the outer walls and overgrown in the window.

It turns out they accidentally forgot to close one window. This was enough for wild grapes to enter the house and grow in all the rooms.

It was like a scene from a fantasy movie. The house became uninhabitable.

Although they cut off all the bushes, the house needed a major overhaul.

The roots of shrubs have grown into the parquet floor, and the wall decoration is all cracked.

In addition, a whole swarm of insects settled in their homes along with shrubs.

Bird nests were built on the ceiling, and spiders weaved cobwebs in the corners..

And that’s not counting the flies and midges, which flew in the thousands. The owners were shocked by what they saw.

They could not even imagine that because of one open window their house could turn into an orangery.

They had to postpone their move to a new home again indefinitely. Now it was necessary to clear the house of thickets and make new repairs.

The couple decided not to cut all the thickets, but to leave a couple of grape bushes in the yard so that they would decorate the house outside.

This story proves once again how powerful nature is.

How quickly it settles in the territories where the person leaves. In fact, nature is taking back its territory.

After all, it is a man who occupies a place in nature and builds his own housing there.

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