The husband kicked the wife out of the house, but she built a house 5 meters away

As a result of family problems, the husband decided to divorce his wife and threw her out of the house. However, the woman got a plot 5 meters away from the house, on which she built a house and now lives there. The site was only 2 to 5 meters wide. But this was enough for the woman to build the house almost close to the old one.

The reason for their separation, as often happens, was the overly jealous nature of the husband. The house was completely left to her husband. However, part of the land still went to the woman. True, the place was very small. it ran along the edge of the old common land and was only 2 to 5 meters at its widest point. The woman had an idea how to fit the house in such a small space.

The project was very unusual, as a small front garden and the dwelling itself had to be placed on a narrow strip. But in the end everything worked out․ The new house had a trapezoid shape, at its narrowest point it was literally the width of the front door. Then, the space expanded, and it was enough to line the rooms one after the other, lined up. There was also a second floor with bedrooms.

In general, the residence has an area of about 80 square meters, and in front of the facade, a little land is left for the garden. The front wall of his house was completely blank and his wife had painted it black. He looked at the man every morning at his wife’s new house. He would wake up and always look at the black wall. After a few months, his patience ran out, he sold the old house and moved.


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