The inexperienced boy decided to build his own house. He advises everyone to start building their home by studying every detail

This young man built a house for himself from scratch. He has no construction experience. This is how David got his own tiny house with just a general idea and no construction experience. He explains that to make things happen, you don’t first need to know what you’re doing, you need to act. He started by finding a trailer. It was to serve as the foundation of his mobile home.
He bought one from Facebook Marketplace. He used old boards to provide cross support and create a flat base from the bottom of the trailer. A frame was then placed on the ground and bolted directly to the metal trailer, and he sealed it tightly. After the floor base was complete, the next part was the walls and roof frame.

As each piece was installed, the trailer slowly turned into a home. The next step is to cover the walls.
He wrapped the walls with a piece of special waterproofing paper. He used a special tape called a tape to secure the sides of the door and windows before installing them. For starters, the guy did a great job. It’s like building Legos. For the trim, she used cedar planks to add more design and texture to her tiny home. As an example, he used a combination of black and earth colors.

And soon he was done. Building a house can take a lot of time, but it also has a positive effect on everyone who does it. If you’re thinking of building one, make it worthwhile and enjoy the process. See how David’s tiny house was built piece by piece in the video below.


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