The interior of this deadly purple house is stunning.

Niki Davis, a female firefighter, sold her apartment and acquired a house in the form of a van. Davis has always been an extremely imaginative and receptive person. She made the decision to move because she was fed up with the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. She set up the wagon-shaped house she had bought in the woods.

She painted the exterior of the house purple and the roof yellow to make it stand out. Even from afar, the house was noticeable in the lush forest. However, Niki created a quieter environment with pastel colors indoors. She used wood for all the decoration and left it as it was. It turned out to be a real forest house. Niki added insulation between the hardwood layer and the walls so the space wouldn’t be too cold in the winter due to the metal walls.

She created two niches under the ceiling because the house was small and needed more storage. She built a dressing room on one side and a double bed on the other. The bedroom was accessible by a wooden staircase. To access the bathroom, hidden in the wall, the woman takes a small folding staircase. All furniture has been folded so that, if necessary, space can be made available.

Although the living room and the kitchen share the same space, the wooden light fixtures in the kitchen gave the space a very unified look. If visitors arrived, the sofa in the living room could be quickly transformed into a bed. Niki was delighted with her new home. She liked to walk in the woods on her way home from work. And on the weekends, she would bring friends over for a barbecue where they could relax by the fire outside. And what more does the person need after doing the hard work of a firefighter? The woman plans to create a beautiful patio in front of the property in the future. Buy a rocking chair and plant some flowers for her to relax in the yard.


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