The little boy asked his mother’s manager to bring him back to work because it is their only means of support

Children are the most precious, kindest emotional creatures that illuminate our path in life. Their sunny smile is our inseparable shining sun. They fill our lives with comfort and joy every day and every second, inspiring us with courage, patience and optimism. We do not feel alone with their existence.

Aydan, 11, a mother of three, the third child in the family, is such a sunny 11-year-old girl who inspires endurance. He supported his mother in the time most needed. He was by her side almost all the time. Mabr went to work as usual and was fired for being a little late. The 11-year-old boy saw his mother’s distress and decided to help her Aidan, the 11-year-old boy, instead of playing in the park, was watching TV and enjoying lemonade given to him by his neighbor Mrs Murphy.

Miss Murphy looked after the three children when her mother was not at home. Maya and Harry were the woman’s other two children. This time the mother returned earlier than expected and locked herself in the room without speaking to anyone. The woman’s strange behavior startled Mrs Murphy and she decided to find out what had happened, but Helen would not talk and asked to be left alone with her thoughts.

Seeing this, the boy could not bear it and went to his mother hoping to help her. However, this time the mother did not hold back her emotions and told her rather clever son what had happened. The boy discovered that his mother would no longer work as she has no job and is unable to cover household expenses. The boy listened in silence and left without saying a word. He only thought about helping his mother and was looking for a way out. In the morning, the boy went to school in a normal condition.

The mother was busy with the daily chores of the house. After school, he did not come home, but went to where his mother worked, arrived at the office and met the guards who did not allow him to enter. Hearing a noise, the boss came out of the office and met the gaze of the waiting boy. The boss did not understand who the boy was, but soon his identity and the purpose of his coming became clear.

The boy told where his mother was, their living conditions and apologized for being late on behalf of his mother and promised that if his mother returns to work he will not be late again as he will help her mother to organize household chores. A sweet smile appeared on the boss’s face. He was surprised by the intelligence of the little boy. So the boss decided to call his mother back to work again in response to the little boy’s request. He called and called back the boy’s mother, his mother was very happy because it was her livelihood. The boss was also very happy that Helen has such a son who is next to his mother and supports her.

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