The little boy dresses up to look like his huskies. He is very attached to his dogs.

Huskies and children have a lot in common, and in most cases they develop friendly relations. Dogs are smart, they know how to behave with a child. But you need to understand that this is a large breed with a rather difficult character. The Siberian Husky is popular with dog breeders.

Many people like the unusual appearance inherent in the breed: gray-blue eyes, fluffy soft fur, original color. Huskies most closely resemble wolves. They are hardy, energetic, and have a friendly disposition. This is a mobile, energetic breed, which is vital for activity, exercise, and long walks at any time of the year. Otherwise, the dog will be bored and can do dirty tricks, especially in your absence.

Baby Amelia was born into a family, where there were three huskies. From birth, the girl grew up among dogs and felt like one of them. Huskies took care of the child and were very careful with the girl. Parents bought Amelia a husky-like costume and she became their fourth friend. It was funny to watch how Amelia imitates the huskies in everything, executes commands like them and runs after the thrown stick.

The baby’s mother tried to replace the stick with a ball so that the child would chase the ball and not the stick. But Amelia preferred the stick as her friends. Huskies are very fond of children and are friends with them. Huskies, like children, love to play. The owners should buy them as many interactive toys as possible, and also take a good walk before sleeping. In general, the breed is very friendly. In order for a child and an animal to establish contact, it is necessary to explain that a dog is a friend who needs affection, love, respect. Dogs help to cope with loneliness. Communicating with these amazing animals or caring for them, the feeling of uselessness, inferiority disappears. Dogs induce the brightest feelings and emotions in our soul. In those families where dogs are, children grow up more sociable and socially adapt easily. Communication with dogs develops communication functions and strengthens discipline.


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