The little child dances beautiful dances to the music.

All babies are so different. From birth, each of them manifests its own character and interests. Someone likes to sleep more, someone runs and jumps all day long. And there are those who are very fond of dancing. One of them is Sandy Toen. The little girl started dancing as soon as she could walk. The girl moves so funny to the music. She chooses herself which songs to dance to and her every morning begins with dancing. Parents do not have the opportunity to be bored or sad. Baby Sandy will always cheer them up with her dances.
Toddlers are naturally gifted with a sense of rhythm and perception of sounds. This is one of the reasons why children love cell phones so much. A few months after birth, the baby reacts to music – he smiles, sways, actively moves. But as soon as the baby just gets on his feet, he soon has sufficient control over his own body, and he makes his first attempts to dance.

Toddler Dancing

And for him it doesn’t matter what kind of music is playing – jazz or mom is singing a song. Dancing for a baby is an important stage in its development. They have a very positive effect on the child. Dancing improves the health of the baby. Dancing is an ideal physical activity, as it properly trains the body. The baby feels more confident and relaxed when dancing. The child becomes bolder. Music helps the baby to think and express himself creatively (a skill that will certainly come in handy in the future). It is also important that dancing develops the child’s coordination of movements, teaches them to feel their own body, “fit” it into the surrounding space. Music is necessary for children – it is one of the foundations of an active childhood filled with all kinds of movements. This is a great pastime not only for the child, but for the whole family. Baby Sandy teaches her parents to dance with her. Her dances became famous all over the country. Sandy was even shown on news channels.


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