The little child loves his faithful friend very much. He even kisses the dog

We all know the phrase “a dog is man’s best friend”. Or rather, a dog is a child’s best friend. A very strong bond can form between a dog and a child from birth. Dogs immediately begin to take care of the babies. There is plenty of evidence for this. When a child is born in a family with a dog, from the first days of life, the dog feels responsible for the baby and guarding him. In one of the videos online, a shepherd dog named Larry did not move a step away from little Quinn, who is only a couple of months old.

The baby loves her four-legged friend very much and constantly hugs and kisses him. The dog also loves his little mistress and gladly allows himself to be stroked and kissed. The mother of the baby constantly makes sure that the dog does not harm the baby, or vice versa. But according to her, Larry behaves very carefully in relation to Quinn. On the net, you can find many similar videos where dogs, like nannies, do not leave the kids. They feel the sincerity of a child, so they try to always be with them.

In an emotional and developmental sense, the presence of a dog in the family is useful for children from a very early age. First of all, a child growing up with a dog from the very beginning of his life acquires a stable immunity . Communication with a dog allows the baby to learn to crawl faster – this happens because the dog arouses curiosity, the baby tries to learn this interesting object through touch and catch up. Dogs perceive this interest as a form of play and, by constantly moving, stimulate the child to follow him. So, as a result of spontaneous actions, the dog teaches the child to crawl.

In communication with a dog, the child improves his cognitive, intellectual, as well as emotional, social and physical skills. Thanks to playing and exercising with a dog, perception and motor functions, language functions, as well as memory, lateralization of brain functions, orientation in the body scheme and space, sensitivity and motivation for learning activities are improved.


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