The little schoolgirl went to the ball, but no one danced with her: The kind policeman came to the help

The girl had no one to go to the ball with, but help came from where they were not expected: a police officer became her dancing partner for the evening. The schoolgirl is so impressed that she herself now dreams of becoming a cop when she grows up.

Not all heroes wear cloaks – some prefer uniforms. Police officer from Arkansas, USA Nick Harvey danced at the ball of fathers and daughters with 8-year-old Evie Cox, who recently lost her father. About it writes the edition CBS News.

Every year, the girls’ school in Van Buren hosts balls in which dads dance with their daughters. Her dad passed away in January 2020, so Evie’s mom decided to go to the police and ask Officer Nick Harvey to dance with her daughter.

The man says that he was very worried because he was not sure that the girl would agree. I wouldn’t want to be kicked out by a second-grader. The officer came to pick up Evie in his company car.

And his colleague rented a limousine especially for this occasion in order to take the girl and Nick to school in style.

As the girl told reporters, now she wants to become a policeman herself when she grows up. And Harvey, in turn, gave an emotional speech about children and parents.

Don’t take everything for granted. Enjoy time with your children and their childhood. Because one day they will grow up.

Another hero without a cape also did not stand aside when the other person was in a difficult situation.

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