The man at 45 saw color for the first time. He looks at the balls and people look at him

An American who has not distinguished colors all his life received a gift from his sons that literally changed his view of the world. At the age of 45, the man first saw how the flowers that he planted in the garden actually look like. And the video of his first acquaintance with the colors of the world can bring to tears of emotion.

Dan Brogger, a 45-year-old California resident, has been color blind since birth, but in 2020, his children decided to show a man the world as they see it for themselves. To please dad, they needed 350 dollars and a lot of love.

Three teenage brothers decided to coincide with their gift on Father’s Day and in a festive atmosphere presented Dan with special glasses that allow people with color blindness to distinguish colors.

As a rule, the first look at the world through this device makes an incredibly strong impression on people, and the boy who was brought to tears by the teacher with such a gift knows exactly about it. And the color-blind guy whose girlfriend gave him the chance to see colors for the first time can attest to this.

Well, Dan for the first time understood what the world looks like for other people, at the age of 46. His wife Adrianna recorded her husband’s reaction on video. In the video, a man sits in the garden and holds brand new glasses in his hands, and his wife lies opposite in a hammock, surrounded by colorful balloons.

As Dan tries on his present, Adrianna asks him what he sees. The man starts listing the colors of the balloons, but his voice is trembling.

You are crying? his wife asks, and Dan, trying not to show his emotions, answers in the negative.

But in the next few seconds, restraint leaves him. The man holds lilac and blue balloons in his hands, and looking at them through his glasses, he cannot believe his eyes.

And then he breaks down to check his gift on everything he sees. Dan walks up to a lime tree and unmistakably names the color of the fruit, and then does the same with the flowers he planted earlier in the garden.

This is too much,” the man says, breaking into tears.

After looking at the world around him, the American made a conclusion about the previous years of his life.

I don’t seem to know that I lived with such intense color blindness until now.

Adrianna is sure that not only her husband received the gift that day, but the whole family, who watched the man’s reaction to the new glasses.

Dan has been in the backyard countless times planting some of the flowers in the video, but watching him see their colors for the first time is amazing.

Now the man wears his glasses every day, and since Adrianna made the video, he has already made many discoveries. Even an ordinary trip to work became an amazing adventure for him.

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