The man bought a desert island and secretly searched for treasures for 40 years.

Now we are going to read about an inspiring person Bernard Grimshow, who was born in England.

He worked as an editor in many newspapers but at the age of 40 he decided to leave everything and do something special or

start a new life. In 1962 he bough a tiny isolated island near the Indian Ocean..

It wasn’t very expensive , it cost about 13.000 dollars. He visited that island before 60s ,

when he was tired of civilization and his work. From that moment he had an idea to buy an

estate and live far away from the noisy civilization. After buying the island adventurous

Grimshow immediately moved there and started to explore the territory..

He was like Robinson who found his paradise. He lived there about 40 years until his death.

The story has similarities with the real Robinson, because there he found a person who later

became his real friend and who hepled him to get used to that kind of life..

They together made the island comfortable for living , they planted trees , had an electracity , telephone, water.

So he did everything to make life easy and comfortable there. Now this island costs about 34 million dollars.

He even brough big tortoises there , the species which were almost disappearing. He brough about 2000 types of birds there even dogs .

Some people say that he also wanted to find treasure there which as a legend was burried there by the pirates.

Карта сокровищ Лавассера

He had no success so he left it and continued doing what he really adored, taking care of the animals and nature.

Many newspapers wrote about him and even there are confirmed reports of the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s

attempt to buy the island for $50 million – Grimshaw refused the Prince, as he wanted to make it a National Park.

Afterwards now it really became one of the most beautiful and fabulous National Parks, where people can go and enjoy their life..

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