The man built a house in Gyuz, where he keeps and takes care of animals and horses

Matt Perella is a retired USMC officer. Matt lives in his country house with Raffe the dog and Buck the horse. He considers them his best friends. Matt has planned a trip across the country on horseback. He had long wanted to travel, go to different countries and the sea. But then he changed his mind and decided to start with his homeland. After all, America has so many beautiful places, cities, forests and mountains.
Matt started his marathon with his friends Raffe and Buck. His goal was to raise money for a animals. The fact is that his dog was also once of no use to anyone, and now it has become his inseparable friend. Raffe was with him always and everywhere. Matt has gone through many difficult times in his life and his dog has always come to his aid. So he decided that all animals deserve a home and a hearty meal. With the money raised, Matt decided to buy a ranch, take there animals and care for them.

Science has long proven that animals have a beneficial effect on people. This is especially true for dogs and horses. These animals are able to calm improve mood. Matt made the right decision to relocate. Traveling in the company of animals will have a positive effect on the health of a officer, and he will begin to implement his idea with renewed vigor. They visited several cities, where they spent the night in hotels and walked along the streets. Matt only stayed in places where there were facilities for his animals. Then he plans to go through the forests and climb the mountains. He wants to be alone with the beauties of mountain ranges and breathe in the air of coniferous forests. After all, this is the place of habitat of their distant ancestors. Buck is happy to eat fresh grass, and Raffe runs around on the grass.

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