The man built himself a secret room on the territory of the shopping center and lived there secretly for four years.

Michael Townsend was showing a girl his apartment when three men suddenly appeared at his front door. Another would have been outraged, but Michael immediately understood what was happening. After all, a few years ago he built himself a secret apartment on the territory of the mall and secretly lived there for four whole years. The mall in the middle of Providence cost the developer $500 million. Townsend got his apartment for free: on 130,000 square meters of the center, he found a passage to an unaccounted room. Michael called a friend and together they quickly made repairs.

They crashed into the communications of the center, masked the entrance with a service door and did not refuse anything. They behaved very cautiously, so that during the four years the guards never suspected anything. Maybe Michael would still live in the mall today, but Susan met along the way. In an attempt to impress a new acquaintance with an unusual house, the guy led her to a secret room.

Susan couldn’t keep the story a secret. The mall owners did not press charges against Michael. His story has spread all over the world and maybe someone will try to repeat the secret apartment trick.


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