The man installed all this and presented that he builds all this with his own hands. Then it turned out that the reality is different

The silent builder from Singapore pretended to be able to build real palaces in the middle of the jungle and forests with his bare hands. He constantly uploaded videos and gathered an audience of several million people: everyone was interested in watching his skills.

The Curious Youtubers Building Fantasy Pools and Secret Temples By Hand

However, then one of the viewers noticed that traces of construction equipment were visible in the frame and conducted an investigation. The author of the videos positioned himself as a “primitive builder”. He assured that all the buildings were created exclusively by improvised means. But it was only hard to believe in it: in the video, the builder built real palaces, and once he built a whole underground labyrinth. The description of the videos indicated that the large-scale project takes about 100 days.

How To Build The Most Secret Underground Maze Swimming Pool To The Underground House - YouTube

The viewer who suspected something was wrong managed to find the contacts of the operator, who actually filmed the construction site. It turned out that everything is done by equipment and professional builders. Any palace is built no more than 3-5 days:


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