The man often disappeared into the forest, building a secret house there. Here, inside the house.

Nowadays there are many people who want to escape from the city noise and live peacefully somewhere in the forest.

One such a person is our hero who almost every day went to the forest and one day

decided to build a secret house there because he wished to live deliberately,

to front only the essential facts of life. Finally he made his mind not to come

back anymore and continued living in the secret house which he had built.

When his friends realized his disappearance they were so worried that started looking for him.

When they found the shelter built by their friend it astonished them.

It was a pretty comfortable place to live with all kind of necessary living conditions.

It was a very suitable place for building such a house.

He didn’t spend any penny on it. Everything was done by him personally.

He used materials from the forest wood and even built a stove and a chimney which was rather complicated.

Anyway living in the forest isn’t as safe as it can seem at first.

The first night when the man decided to stay in his house he had an unexpected guests from the forest – wild boars.

He was able to solve the problem which made his friends to feel calm about him

and they encouraged him for making that forest house his permanent residence.

Maybe after this example some of his friends and maybe others too will be

encouraged to live in such houses, where only you can make your own rules and follow them.

Life can be at the same time careless and difficut. But it’s only you who can choose this kind of way of living.

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