The man presented a project to build a house from bottles. The houses are meant for people who don’t have a house.

Nowadays, house construction uses completely new concepts. Budget houses made of containers, eco-materials, old vans are no longer a rarity, and this does not surprise anyone. Budget houses are also temporary help for those who cannot buy an apartment or are temporarily homeless. Tateh Lehbihi, born in Algeria, decided to help the homeless by building temporary houses of bottles for them. Of course, at first glance it seems unusual that bottles can be used as building materials, but they are strong enough to replace bricks. The problem of housing in Algeria is very topical.

Due to climatic conditions, the houses of the population are easily destroyed, people remain in the open air. For a long time, Lehbihi thought about how to help people. It was important for him to choose an inexpensive building material that could withstand wind and high temperatures. Finally he decided to use the bottles. The technology of building houses is very simple. Sand is poured into plastic bottles, then they are fixed with concrete mortar. Houses made of plastic bottles are waterproof. Additionally, the thick walls and round shape help bottle houses withstand wind better than adobe shelters.

It is no coincidence that Tatek Lehbihi decided to build houses from plastic bottles. He graduated from the Civil Engineering University. Since his student years, he liked to study non-standard construction technologies. At first, a young man planned to grow flowers on the roof using plastic bottles. But then he used them to build round houses for the homeless. He cooperates with the United Nations and receives funding to continue construction. Tatekh has already built 25 houses and is not going to stop there. Round houses made of bottles turned out to be durable and comfortable. They can withstand any weather conditions.

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