The man went into the jungle and dug out the pool with his hands and a stick. Video

The man decided to build a house with a swimming pool in the jungle without using modern instruments.

The young man lives in a village not far from the jungle.

Fascinated by the history of his ancestors, he decided to try to live like them.

He took only a homemade small shovel and went into the jungle.

He began his construction from a dugout. It was not difficult to dig, as in the local regions the soil is clayey and digging is easy.

He made a dugout with a sloping roof, on which he laid out moss.

This was done deliberately so that during the rains the roof would not get wet,

and excess water would flow down.He then began digging around the house where the pool should be.

The pool took longer.

Only three days later the pit was ready. But that wasn’t enough.

The guy covered the walls of the pool with baked clay so that the water would not sink into the ground.

With the same spatula, he began to cut patterns and decorate his building.

A bamboo sheet was made around the pool to sunbathe or just lie down.

The hardest part was filling the pool with water. A river flowed near the site.

The guy decided to draw water from the river. After cutting down a couple of bamboo trees,

he began to make pipes, because the bamboo trunk is hollow.

The pipe was laid in such a way that there was a slope towards the pool. And now you can swim.

The young man spent only a week on all the work and filmed the whole process on video.

The purpose of the experiment was to show that a human can do a lot and is capable of a lot.

It’s just that our life is so simplified thanks to advanced technologies that a people has become very lazy and not enterprising.

The video became very popular on all platforms and the young man decided to continue his experiments and build something more complicated.

Maybe someone in any situation will come in handy with this knowledge.

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