The men started singing in the car, and after a while the dog joined them with his beautiful song.

Junior was riding in the car with his two best friends when a song that was very important to him started playing on the radio. A soft voice rang out over the opening words of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” before Junior’s owner’s eyes lit up. The man in the black jacket told his dog to be quiet, waiting for the best part of the song to show his sweet voice.

Before anyone knows it, Junior has transformed into a singing dog, right before his eyes. In the video below, posted on February 21, 2017, Junior’s owner opens his mouth and sings the words, “You lift me up so I can stand on the mountains. The men in the car laugh at the black and white dog’s voice and its eagerness to join in the song. Its owner continues to sing, not realizing that Junior is just getting started.

As the song progresses, Junior becomes more emotional. Then, a short instrumental part leaves Junior and his two best friends smiling and laughing at what just happened. They continue to drive as the music plays, patiently waiting for the lyrics to follow. Once it’s time to sing again, they all start again at the same time.


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