The owners discovered a hidden area shortly after purchasing the house. The discovery shocked everyone in the room.

When an Italian family began repairing their home, they discovered a fascinating discovery. In Italy The family made the decision to leave the city and buy a house in the countryside. They started looking for an affordable but solid house. They liked the two-storey stone house because it was solid despite its age. They made the decision to buy and renovate a house. When the repair crew arrived at the stairs, they discovered that they opened to the second floor. The brand new owners were surprised. They discovered another area under the stairs after moving them.

Итальянцы нашли тайную комнату под лестницей в новом доме

Long before the current owners moved out, the house had several different owners. The identity of the person who created the hidden room there and its intended use were unknown. At first glance the area appeared to be a mess of trash and useless items. Something was missing.

Итальянцы нашли тайную комнату под лестницей в новом доме

The walls were lined with folding chairs and tables, and the center of the room was occupied by a mountain of rusty dishes. When the owners started removing unnecessary items, they discovered something valuable. A case of expensive vintage wine from the 1970s was on the top shelf. For so long, all the bottles are intact. The wine was excellent, in addition to being precious as a rarity because the production had been stopped. The rare book from an antique publishing house was another priceless find. Despite some wear, the book is still in excellent condition. The room only covered 20 square meters. It was chosen by the owners to serve as a pantry. They never found out why the room was built or why it was hidden under the stairs. Perhaps there was once a wine cellar or a library before it was used to store all kinds of waste. Anyway, discovering him in the house was really intriguing, and it was much more enjoyable to discover priceless artifacts from his past.

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