The pair became known as the best skating duo after appearing in front of thousands of people

Figure skating is a beautiful sport in which skaters glide across the ice performing movements that are impossible to imagine. Any of us who have tried ice skating would surely end up looking like a giddy duck, but professional figure skaters have such finesse and grace that watching them is a wonder to behold. These athletes can perform impressive routines that leave the audience speechless. When French skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cypress joined them to compete for first place at the International Skating Union World Team Championships in Japan, they immediately caught the attention of the public.

Una pareja es coronada como el mejor duo de patinaje sobre hielo tras una gran actuación frente a miles de personas - ¿Te suena?

For the competition in Japan, they skated to the classic Simon & Garfunkel hit “The Sound of Silence”. Their perfectly executed synchronized skating and stunts matched the music magically. You can see the audience in the background, and they seem enthralled with their routine. I hope the judges felt the same! The melodious and almost mysterious song coupled with their black costumes give a melancholic air to what is actually a vibrant and amazing ice skating routine. The jumps were perfectly executed in harmonious tandem. The judges’ scores are based on the accuracy of the various moves, and these two really hit the peak. Her routine was perfect and just captivating. Watch the following video and enjoy the footage. What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this? Post your thoughts below in the comments section!


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