The plane was bought for only 3000 dollars and turned into a word. It is located on the coast of the ocean.

For fans of aviation as well as delicious cocktails, there is a unique place where you can combine these two activities. In the jungles of Costa Rica, there is a bar aboard an abandoned plane. The pub and the two-level bar and restaurant were opened over 15 years ago. This plane is a former CIA plane abandoned at the San Jose airport. The restaurant owners bought the plane for $3,000 in 2000 and turned it into a stunning location with some of the best sunset views in the region over the Pacific Ocean. The bar is known for interesting drinks and seafood dishes.

Visitors can taste the most interesting delicacies from the depths of the ocean. The bar is very popular with both locals and tourists. This is not the only aviation facility in Costa Rica. Recently, a hotel in the cabin of the aircraft was opened here. It immediately became a tourist attraction in Costa Rica. The owners of the hotel gave life to an old Boeing of the last century.

This 4-star jet hotel is perched on a cliff overlooking the rainforest. This picturesque place is located on the Pacific coast, next to macaques, toucans and other tropical inhabitants near Quepos. The Costa Verde aircraft has a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, a dining room, a separate spiral staircase entrance and a terrace with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and tropical landscapes. Of course, the hotel is not limited to the Boeing 727. There are also bungalows, studio apartments, swimming pools, terraces.

The resort of Costa Rica is very popular among vacationers. In addition to beautiful natural landscapes, you can find a lot of extreme and exotic entertainment here. Investors are trying to come up with unexpected and unusual design projects to attract even more vacationers. The bar and hotel in the cabins of the aircraft became known to the whole world. Many come to Costa Rica specifically to relax in a hotel-plane or drink a glass of cocktail in the cockpit.

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