The richest people do these same things every day to start their day. This is their key to success

According to many billionaires, the secret to their success is not just the idea that they sold to the world and won. In interviews, they often say that they arrived at financial well-being in the first place because of their morning habits. Bill Gates spends at least an hour on the treadmill before his first cup of coffee. At the same time, he watches the scientific broadcasts of the field of activity he has been doing lately.

According to the founder of Microsoft, it allows you to immediately put the brain to work in the right direction, daily practice directs it to achieve a specific result. $40 billion in personal wealth hasn’t made Chinese businessman Jack Ma lazy. He starts his day with a regular two-hour tai chi workout that combines gymnastics and meditation.

A personal instructor accompanies the billionaire on all trips: it seems that the businessman is confident in the effectiveness of this method. Google founder Sergey Brin also mentioned the exercise earlier in the day in an interview. He prefers a workout that ends with a cup of green tea. Brin said he considers green tea the best beverage for brain health.

Mark Zuckerberg bets on routine. He gets up every day at 7 a.m. and immediately goes for a run. After breakfast, he drinks coffee, chooses a wardrobe from hundreds of identical T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Zuckerberg assures that by removing decisions about choosing everyday clothes and other life trifles, he frees up a significant amount of “RAM” for much more important things. Wall Street’s chief investor, Warren Buffett, starts the morning early at night.

He thinks that every day you should go to bed smarter than when you wake up. Buffett reads 70 pages of specialized literature a day and in the morning usually takes notes on what he read the day before. Of course, simply by adopting the habits of the rich, you will not be able to enrich yourself. However, it can be the first step towards rethinking your own life.

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