The snowman’s carotte was eaten by the lapwing, making Canada as a whole laugh.

Did you know rabbits shouldn’t eat carrots? Hares too, for that matter. So the Bryant family from the Calgary suburb of Cambrian Heights didn’t know, they didn’t even suspect there might be trouble with the carrots. That’s why they put it on the snowman instead of the nose, like in the classics. And then Sheila Bryant saw something unusual. A rabbit is the size of a snowman. And hungry!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fluffy animal approached the snowman and began to deliberately absorb the carrot. He didn’t grab it and drag it, but ate on the spot, in full view of the Bryant family, who didn’t forget to turn on the camera. The show is like in a joke or a fairy tale – when else will you see this? Only one stump remained

The video became exceptionally popular in Canada, even receiving television coverage. A funny Christmas story just to lighten the mood! But there is also a note. Carrots are not included in the diet of rabbits, and even more so a selective juicy root crop, in which there is an excess of sugar. You can give a rabbit or other animal a small bonus, but you must feed them grass, hay, and fresh herbs. So it’s best to replace the snowman’s nose with an icicle – both beautiful and harmless to the beast.


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