The son took his mother, 65, to a stylist, who radically changed her.

The 65-year-old participant in the TV show, where her son took her, was helped by stylists to transform into a beautiful woman who looks stylish and young. The son wants his mother to become younger and more interesting, who forgot her years and her clothes 30 years ago. And Fashion Sentence specialists worked with the woman.

• The first image chosen by the child. But a white blazer, tank top and rolled up jeans would have been more of a girl’s look, and she would have looked really cool in them, but not for a respectable woman. • In the third version, there was a dress of a pale pink hue, complemented by long pearls. This option suited my mother best.

Now let’s see what the stylists came up with.


A silk blouse with a print and an elegant suit in a cool pink hue are a lot of years for a woman. A jacket, jeans and sneakers would be ideal for traveling and hiking.

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