The two-year-old boy went on stage alone and presented a wonderful performance

In Spain, at a talent show, a two-year-old child amazed everyone with his drumming. Most parents agree that children at the age of two love to drum on various subjects. Hugo Molina took this pastime to a whole new level. He can play the drum with the perfect rhythm.

Hugo was the youngest contestant to perform on the Spanish Got Talent. The kid felt very confident as he demonstrated his amazing drumming skills in front of the studio audience. Hugo’s father Manuel Geese brought the child onto the stage and carefully seated him behind the drum. One of the presenters expressed her concern that the little boy would be frightened.

She asked the audience not to clap or cheer when Hugo stepped onto the stage. Many people were impressed that the little boy did not get scared and ran backstage after seeing so many people in the hall. The audience immediately liked the charming kid, but no one believed that at that age he would be able to demonstrate drumming. Hugo was very nice, but it’s still a talent contest for strong performers. However, the boy felt confident and was constantly smiling. He took the stage with drumsticks and boldly sat down at the drums. From the very first minutes of his performance, it became clear that Hugo has a great command of a musical instrument.

The judges were amazed by the talent of the little boy. He soon showed that he was capable of more. The tempo of the music picked up and Hugo began to play faster, and to add variety to his performance, he used a wooden block. Throughout the performance, he maintained visual contact with the audience. Many people wondered if the baby knew what was happening around him. Hugo seemed a little surprised by the audience’s reaction. For him, drumming was something easy and natural and he didn’t think he was doing anything special. Hugo received four “yes” from the judges and was able to move on to the next round of the competition. This story about a two-year-old boy who demonstrated quite adult skills at a talent show is truly inspiring.


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