The two-year-old jumelles like tending the garden and helping to support their mother there.

The internet is full of fascinating videos about children. These brief videos allow us to observe the performances, the jokes, the laughs and the games of the actors. One of these videos shows two endearing Australian twins who enjoy helping their parents in the garden. Olivia and Zoya are the names of these infants. They help parents with gardening and play in the garden with small shovels. The girl’s mother says they are able to grow and care for plants and flowers. They weed them and fertilize them. Their mother claims that she does not force the girls to do anything. They are the ones who take the initiative to do everything. Naturally, they are never left alone near the tools and constantly take care that the children do not hurt themselves. The family has a long history of gardening.

They have greenhouses and a garden. The children witnessed and often participated in the work of the parents from an early age. They initially look like two needles placed side by side. However, the twins ended up loving gardening. Flowers are very dear to them. Every girl has a favorite flower that needs to be taken care of. The young girls are really good and orderly. They love animals as well as plants and flowers. According to child psychologists, young people are always calmed by nature. They are instilled with patience and family-oriented traits from an early age. = Children learn to love.

The family practices activities other than gardening. Parents say infants like to participate wherever they can. The girls are happy to help with the cooking, which the whole family loves to do in the evenings. For their parents, these are the primary flowers. Their social media page has gained a lot of traction. Mom frequently posts various videos of the twins playing in the garden while smiling. Future female scientists are more likely to be biologists or naturalists.

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