The villager went to the forest every day and after 100 days it turned out that he had built an underground palace with a swimming pool․ The interior of the house is beautiful

Many of us heard about unusual houses built by different people all over the world,

but there are some people who prefer doing it in the forests.

The reasons can be various. Here we come across with a man who went to the village every day..

His villagers suspected something and decided to follow him .

After 100 days, his villagers who didn’t know where he was going,

found out something really fabulous.

He built an underground palace with a swimming-pool.

After this discovery he explained everybody how he did it alone.

He confessed that his brother, who lived in jungles, gave him a hand.

They choose a clay ground together, made a project and started realizing their dream.

Clay is ideal for such a construction, because they live in an arid jungle,

there is no need to worry about sudden rain.

When you look at it you imagine the immense work done on it.

It makes you speeches how brave should the person be in

order to create such a dwelling in the middle of the jungle..

The villager planned to use the hidden palace as a summer residence.

If you do communications here, you can stay and live in the jungle forever.

So decide whether it’s your way of life or not.

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