The waitress fed the homeless. She didn’t know it was a management check.

The cafe where Marina works as a waitress is often used by office workers and families with children, and Marina’s friends drop by for a cup of coffee. The cafe is small – like a small town in which it is located.

Once a client appeared in the cafe, very different from the regulars: in dirty clothes, with unwashed and groomed hair and beard. When asked to come to the table with him, all the waiters shunned. But not Marina, who approached the man herself. Warning that in case of non-payment of the order, she will cover the loss of the institution from her own pocket. However, the visitor not only paid in full for lunch, but also left a generous tip!

Later it turned out that in this way the owner of the cafe checked the work of employees for their friendliness to customers. And his friend skillfully played the role of the homeless. As a result, the manager had to look for another job, and Marpina now works in his place, on which the selection of personnel now depends.

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