The wife started not taking a shower and explained what her husband thought about it.

One young woman, for the sake of experimentation, started showering only once a week. She started a blog where she talked about the benefits of her decision and at the same time shared how her husband reacted to it. According to blogger Rain Drescoll, she initially decided to wash less often simply because she didn’t like going to the shower too much. Until you prepare, then all these procedures with scrubs, wet hair dries out for a long time, there are only problems, ”explained the blogger. Rain says that by week two, her skin was better and her hair was stronger. The woman believes that the idea of a daily shower is beneficial to support, in the first place, the manufacturers of gels and other detergents. There is certainly a grain of rationality in the blogger’s comments.

About three years ago, dermatologist Professor Steven Shumak published a study showing that daily showers are indeed optional. Additionally, Shumak recommended washing off with plain water – excessive use of gels violates the skin’s natural protective barrier.

This is how Rain explained his decision to followers. Many were interested in how her husband reacted to her new lifestyle. David doesn’t care at all. He even seems to like my natural smell and natural look,” Rain says. Many dermatologists consider it normal to only shower three times a week. Of course, in the summer and after physical exertion, it is better not to neglect water procedures.


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