The woman agreed to babysit the children, who turned out to be siblings

They say one of life’s greatest gifts is to be a parent, unfortunately not everyone can become a parent, so they turn to a second option like adoption. Kathy Page is a prime example of this, having decided to adopt two beautiful children. This was not unusual, as he is neither the first nor the last to adopt, but unlike many others, his case caused a stir after the bond between Grayson and Hannah, his two children, was discovered. adopted children.

Katie was separated from her husband at the age of 30, from that moment she decided to focus on her professional life and in time she was able to buy the house of her dreams. One day he received a letter from a local church talking about raising him. children, it caught his attention. In 2015, this woman decided to fill out the paperwork and apply for her first adoption. She was very involved in the education and care of the children. Once she was asked to take care of a baby. Katie fell in love with the baby from the first moment.

After authorities searched for the mother for 11 months and found no contact, she was able to adopt the baby boy, whom she named Grayson. Kathy said the birth mother never responded to newspaper advertisements and never returned. She is happy to have adopted her first child and become a mother, to her surprise the social worker told her that she was considering a second adoption. she had no problem becoming a mother of two children. Months later, she found the 4-day-old baby had been abandoned and gone to where Grayson was born, and of course she knew she needed a home.

Because it was so similar to the case of her first child, the social worker considered it the first option. At first everything was fine, until they began to doubt the origin of the little girl. Katie began researching the girl’s life and discovered that her mother’s name matched the name of the woman she had left behind for Grayson. From that moment he started to think that maybe the two children could be brother and sister. But when I put the question to the social worker who was in charge of the file, she ruled out any possibility. Cathy decided to meet the girl’s mother, at which point she realized how much she looked like her adopted son.

Eventually the social worker started to investigate this situation a bit more and found out the truth of everything, the kids are siblings. It ended up being a beautiful miracle, and it also helped Cathy finalize the adoption of a baby girl she named Hannah. An angel watches over two little angels Today, Katie Page has become a very successful wife and mother.

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