The worker bought an abandoned dacha on the outskirts of the village and in 2 years turned it with his own hands into the best house in the neighborhood. Video

The man had long dreamed of a dacha in the suburbs, but could not buy it because of too high prices.

Finally, he found a suitable plot with an acceptable price and bought it.

However, the purchase at first glance seemed unsuccessful to everyone.

The site has been abandoned for many years. There were piles of garbage and earth all around.

It was impossible to approach the house, as it was all overgrown with shrubs and moss.

The fence was in a dilapidated state, in order to open the gate, it was necessary to remove the door.

But the man did not despair, made an estimate of the cost of repairs and got down to business.

He himself was a good craftsman and decided to do all the work himself.

First, he demolished the fence and the old sheds, which were already dilapidated.

Then he spent almost two months cleaning the area from garbage.

We had to spend enough time to clear the area from weeds, thickets and shrubs.

In the future, the man planned to plant the entire yard with beautiful trees, as well as make an artificial pond with ducks and geese.

After the passing territory was cleared, the man began to repair the house itself.

He built a new fence, updated the walls from the outside, insulated them from the inside.

He completely redid the interior of the house, making a large bathroom, a spacious living room and a cozy bedroom.

From an abondoned hut, the building turned into a chic cottage.

The man bought this house solely because of the location.

Nearby were a forest and an elk island. Moose often came up to the house and fed with hands.

For all the work on the reconstruction of the house the new owner spent two years.

Not so much, considering that he did all the repair and plumbing work himself.

Only during the design process he turn to a specialized company in order to make the zoning as optimal as possible.

As a result, the dacha began to stand out throughout the district with its appearance and beauty.

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