The youngster made the decision to build his own house. He advises everyone to start building their house by carefully considering every aspect.

This young man created his own house from scratch. He has no construction experience. This is how David, who had no building skills and only a broad notion, acquired his own little house. He argues that taking action is more important than knowing what you are doing to make things happen.

He started by locating a trailer. It must have been the structure of his mobile home.
Through Facebook Marketplace, he bought one. He built a level base from the bottom of the trailer using old boards as cross braces. Then he sealed it tight and laid a frame on the ground, bolting it directly to the metal trailer. The walls and the framework came next once the base of the floor was finished. Once each element was in place, the trailer gradually turned into a house. The walls must then be covered.
He used a single sheet of waterproofing paper to wrap the walls.

Before fixing the door and windows, he fixed the sides with a special tape called ribbon. First of all, the man did a great job. Like assembling Legos. She used cedar planks for trim to add style and character to her tiny home. He gave the example of using black and earth tones together. And then it was over. Although building a house can be time consuming, everyone involved benefits from the process. If you’re considering creating one, make it worth the effort and have fun doing it. In the video below you can see how David’s little house was built piece by piece.


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