These original playgrounds are installed for children. They are so beautiful that they attract adults too

Companies producing children’s toys and goods for children are distinguished by creativity and imagination. After all, in order to attract the attention of children, it is necessary to create toys that are actually fascinating, which can make little fidgets pay attention to them. Danish baby companies have been known for producing quality baby products for many years.

Even the most famous Lego company is made in Denmark. Today we want to draw the reader’s attention to unusual playgrounds, which are also produced in Denmark by the MONSTRUM company founded by decorators Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen. The company started its production in 2003 and gradually increased its production by exporting playgrounds abroad. These playgrounds are not only original and unusual, which certainly attracts children, but also functional. The manufacturer complies with all safety precautions, and the quality is always on top. These playgrounds are distinguished by an interesting external design.

For example, in Lisenberg there is a playground in the form of crooked towers. At first glance, it seems that the structure is about to fall apart, but in fact the towers are designed in such a way that they are not held vertically, but obliquely. In the city of Tivoli there is a blue whale, which is the joy of local children. After all, you can climbon the whale’s , as well as ride on his back and fins. Another playground in the form of animals is called Odense Zoo. Here, animals living in the African savannah are designed, inside which various slides, swings and trampolines are located. There are also plants and animals. Children can feel like small creatures playing among such objects. Playgrounds produced by a Danish company are a real work of art. Not only children, but also adults like to spend time here. Any trip to the playground can be great fun for the whole family.

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