These procedures allow the installation of large underground freezers. There can be storage for anything.

Today’s technologies are changing rapidly. Before, there were not many opportunities or comforts available to mankind. Primitive technology was employed by people, and often physical labor was the only means of survival. But over time, several inventions that simplified daily life and reduced physical effort were born. Today, many people want to live in the most ethical and ecologically responsible way possible and minimize their impact on the environment.

groundfridge capsule design

One of the essential household appliances that everyone needs is a refrigerator. In addition to holding prepared meals, it can also freeze fruits and vegetables for the winter. No housewife can live without this convenient method. In the past, basements and underground cellars were used to store useful goods for a longer period. These rooms provided excellent food storage, especially throughout the winter. A unique gadget keeps food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh for a long time is the modern equivalent of a refrigerator. These freezers offer a variety of benefits. One is that items are cooled using the earth’s inherent insulating and moisturizing characteristics. The most crucial factor is that there is no need to pay for electricity and take up space in the house.

groundfridge food storage

The soil must be at least one meter thick. Everything can be stored in such a large underground basement, including fruits, vegetables, wines, desserts and chocolate. The cellar has a spherical shape and an entrance in the form of a tunnel, where a ladder is installed for climbing. All convenience and storage shelving is provided in this contemporary storage facility. It offers enough space for two people to use it simultaneously. There is electricity and a ventilation system in the underground refrigerator. You can activate a second freezing system if necessary. For country houses, a modern cellar is simply a necessary modern element, simple to build and simple to use. Modern cellars are impractical for city apartments.


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