These statues are a symbol of a couple’s love created by a talented artist

People reflect their talent everywhere. They create various sculptures, structures and various other unusual and beautiful things. An artist in Georgia has created a statue that has become a masterpiece of her art. She sculpted it eight years ago. Tamara Kvesitadze turned her thoughts and ideas into a real picture. The Ali and Nino statue was a very remarkable work that gained great recognition. It was located in the port of Batumi and was 9 meters high. It was a kinetic sculpture. It was the witness of a great love story.

The statue of this couple was a reflection of love. Here, the public can watch endlessly and not move and even notice the emotion in the lifeless appearance of the statue and it seems that the couple is moving for a moment. The woman spent three years on the sculpture. Tamar herself gave the name at the time of installation.

The moving sculptures will allow you to admire and notice the couple’s undying love for each other. It was created based on a true love story of two lovers. The lovers overcame various hardships. However, there was a time when they broke up against their will.

In some places, the reality of this fact has even been questioned. Even though it is not real, it is still considered as one of the romantic stories of the time and even love stories and songs were written about them. A film was even released about their story. You can even find the books and read them for yourself. They are gone today, but there is a statue of their presence that is a silent witness to love.



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