These two made their own bookcase because they couldn’t find one in the store.

Reading books has become increasingly rare in today’s environment. Books, theater and films have been replaced by the Internet. Fiction books linger on shelves at home or in retail establishments. There are still many people who love to read. People often choose not to read because they’re short on time, not because they don’t like it. In fact, work now occupies more than half of our waking hours, and some people even occupy two or three occupations.

But this story is not about an Australian family with a passion for reading and a library at home. The couple attach great importance to reading fiction and wish to instill in their children a taste for reading. They intended to create a reading corner, but they lacked a library.

They looked for something unique but couldn’t find anything suitable in the stores. The duo then made the decision to build their own shelf. They carefully considered the design before buying boards from a hardware store. The next step was to create 36 boxes without a back wall.

It was necessary to create boxes of different sizes and assemble them on the wall in a specific order. However, they opted to buy a large sheet of plywood and lay the structure on this sheet to simplify the installation and avoid damaging the wall. The shelves had to be installed when the sheet was purchased.

It ended up being a flower-shaped shelf, which is pretty rare. Shelves made of boxes that had been constructed asymmetrically looked quite elegant and spacious. The couple then put the books back on the shelf. They have installed two comfortable chairs and a small table near the library to make reading more pleasant for children.

All the friends who came to visit appreciated the novel shelf. Even the creators of the concept participated in the competition “with their own hands” and won a prize. They did some other furniture and interiors due to the success.


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