These types of dogs are very suitable for keeping at home. They are attentive to children and the elderly

It has long been known that dogs are very attached to their owners. Dogs have a special relationship with children. This is because the innate instincts in children, uncovered by acquired knowledge, allow the connection with nature to be most pronounced. Communicating with animals, little boys and girls become their comrades, they get to know themselves and the world around them better and faster. This shows the positive side of closeness with animals, which have been close to humans since ancient times. They are our friends and helpers. No wonder the first toys, as a rule, are bunnies, teddy bears and cats. When we grow up, we get pets.

Golden Retriever and baby

When little Carter was born in the Johnson family, a retriever named Harlow immediately fell in love with him. He did not leave the boy and always made sure that nothing happened to him. The dog carefully sat next to him and allowed the baby to play with itself. When Carter was two years old, his sister was born. Harlow fell in love with the baby as well as her older brother. It babysat her and played with Carter. It’s amazing how a dog can treat people.

Golden Retriever and baby

These dogs are excellent companions who are ready to share his daily worries with the owner. Often this breed is used as guide dogs. Dogs of this breed are very affectionate, playful, kind, intelligent and calm, they rarely bark and are not at all suitable as guard dogs. Also, the Golden Retriever dog breed is great with other animals in the house and does not conflict with them. In general, the Golden Retriever breed is suitable for families with children and the elderly as they have a friendly character and high intelligence.


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