They shine people’s shoes on the street for money so they can pay and educate themselves

It is important to note that the educational situation in Latin America is not as promising as in other parts of the world. In 2016, a mother and daughter watched this couple, Mario and Carlos, work as shoe shiners so they could use the money they earned to go to school.

Finally, and as if they were lucky, the Universidad Panamericana gave them a full prize. The Nursing Scholarship and the American Institute of Guatemala (IGA) also offered them a scholarship to study English. Indeed, Mario, the eldest brother, obtained a receptionist position, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education. Finally, after many years of hard work, the Kumez brothers have completed their studies.

Six years later they graduated as proud nurses, their loved ones and the two women who propagated them, mother and daughter Silvia and Olga Catalán, attended the graduation ceremony, which is all a feat for them, since they are the first.

The members of the Cúmez family did not miss the opportunity that presented itself to them, on the contrary, they took advantage of it, so much so that they are currently owners and administrators of Farmacias Cúmez, with two branches in Chichicastenango , Quiche. They are one more example that even if everything seems impossible, dreams come true with a lot of effort, work and responsibility.

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