This 1988 tune is a real gem, Randy Travis – “I Told You So”

Nashville’s Randy Travis was one of the legendary country music icons who had a career spanning over 40 years. In an era of country music, Randy proved that he could mesmerize both country & pop music audiences.

In the mid-tempo song, “I Told You So,” the talented singer portrayed a fictional character. The character wondered how his lover would react if he told her that he wanted to unite with her.

The character wondered whether his lover would love to take him back or would simply start to laugh at him and tell him that she knew he would come back. But now, she had found someone else.

The beautiful love song began with Randy sitting on a chair, playing the guitar, and singing in his thick but sweet voice. He sang the song confidently. The lyrics were simple but heart-touching.

Randy Travis’s unique voice made this song a timeless country classic. He was one of the other singers who could rule the charts with his cross-over music on country radio.

This song had a solid storyline and spoke about human emotions so that everyone could understand and relate. He played the lead character in the music and talked about his love life through his singing style.

Without any doubt, Randy Travis’s “I Told You So” was one of the best classics of all time. The talented singer would always be remembered as one of the most gifted musicians during the ’80s and the ’90s.

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