This 35-week pregnant woman goes wild on the dance floor leaving the crowd amazed with her amazing salsa moves.

You are entering your ninth and final month of pregnancy. During this 35th week of pregnancy, Baby has less and less space and lets you know by kicking! Your belly hardens and your pelvis is painful.
In a rather revealing dress, a 35-week pregnant woman swayed her hips on the dance floor to show the audience that she still possessed the same moves and talents.

While some women have to stay in bed during their pregnancy, others are able to dance, run and do everything like they did before they got pregnant. This woman shows no signs that she’s just a few weeks away from her due date as she slides from side to side of the room with her partner by her side.

The woman had watched other people dance from the sidelines and knew she wanted to at least try to show the audience that she still had her same dance moves. Her beautiful black dress and sparkling jewelry complete her dance routine. Many doctors recommend staying as active as possible during pregnancy as long as the woman monitors her condition and taking a break when there are problems with the baby’s movement or if there are any health issues that appear.

When you watch this woman dance the night away, you can tell she has a good understanding of the steps and the choreography of the routine. Watch the audience gasp as she dances and the thunderous applause when the routine is over.

Watch the video here:

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