This baby tries to eat cream for the first time in his life

Babies are born helpless and defenseless. They are completely dependent on their parents. Over time, small children grow up and slowly begin to master the world around them. All their new sensations and reactions are very interesting. Parents rejoice at every small achievement of their little one and try to spend as much time as possible with the child and introduce him to the new. One of the difficult and fun periods is weaning the baby from breast milk and getting accustomed to complementary foods. The introduction of complementary foods is an important and crucial moment in the life of every baby, this is a small stage of growing up. Therefore, do not forget that the introduction of complementary foods is a great difficulty for little organism.

Cute baby

To help the baby adapt to changes, parents need to take into account a number of points and features of the baby’s character. Many parents follow schedules and doctor’s recommendations for the introduction of complementary foods. And some like to experiment and diversify complementary foods with different “adult” products to see the baby’s funny reaction. A couple from the USA decided to give whipped cream to an eight-month-old baby. The reaction of the baby was ambiguous. Parents smiled and offered him to try, while they tried the cream themselves. The kid cheered up a little, but still did not dare to try a strange product for himself. His innocent look and confusion looked cute and funny. When his mother decided to add more cream from the jar, the baby began to look with interest. He seems to like the process of how the cream flows out of the jar. He still did not understand what it was and why his parents tried so hard for him to try this incomprehensible thing. Only when his mother took him in her arms the baby feel safe and finally began to smile. He was clearly not interested in looking at whipped cream, much less eating it. He very quickly turned his attention to toys. Experts do not advise giving sweets to babies at such an early age, even for the sake of experiment.


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