This barn-like house was bought by a couple and after a few months they made it the kind of house that is also talked about in magazines.

The couple spent six months looking for a reasonably priced apartment in a normal neighborhood. The market situation did not suit them so much that instead of an apartment, the couple eventually bought an abandoned stable. Many family friends thought the move was risky, but in just one year the ruins became the headquarters of a fashion design magazine.

Of course, buying the stable ruins was a balanced decision. Carlo Alonso and his wife Amina together run a successful architecture firm. They had experience in transforming industrial buildings into residential buildings and they took on this project with pleasure. An old abandoned stable is located in the beautiful mountainous region of Extremadura. At the time of purchase, the building had only stone walls and a roof.

The Alonso couple were attracted by the good location of the stables on the sunny side of a high hill. The couple immediately divided the house into two floors. Downstairs they made a large living room and two bedrooms with separate rooms, there is also a bathroom here.

Inside the hill they took a passage under a special outbuilding, for this it was necessary to carry out small earthworks. On the second floor there are two more bedrooms, a children’s room and a separate bathroom. The house relies entirely on solar power, with a diesel generator installed in the basement just in case. We completely rebuilt the building.

Large windows have been added to the floor, even the shape of the stable has been changed. The sliding doors are closed with protective shutters, it’s our own fortress, Alonso told reporters. A short tour of the old stables: the architects have separately noted that they do not advise beginners to embark on such projects. It is almost impossible to rebuild buildings without experience.


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