This beautiful island has a crescent shape. Animals also live there

The North fascinates with its originality and beauty. Endless icy plains delight the eye with their impregnable beauty. There are places where no human has yet set foot. What is it the most extreme point of our planet? This is a Island wich has a shape of half moon in North Pole. To describe this place in a few words, this is an Antarctic island below 60° south latitude, covered in ice and inhabited by thousands of nothern animals. The rocky mountains untouched by human and the endless expanse of ice reminds of the power of nature over these places.

The northern Island is located in the South Shetland Islands. There are various species of rare plants and a colony of different types of penguins and many Antarctic fur seals. The island is regularly visited by many tourists. They are cheerfully met by penguins who are already accustomed to and are not afraid of humans. Penguins are extremely curious and many of them begin to move in the direction of humans. The length of the island is only 2 km, but at the same time it remains interesting for travelers. The Half Moon island has natural origin and consists of Paleogene basalts and tuff.

The small subantarctic island of Half Moon got its name from the unusual shape of the coastline, which has a crescent shape. The island has no local population. The vegetation is mainly mosses and lichens, sometimes flowering herbaceous plants appear in summer. The sea in this place brings ashore a large amount of algae, edible for birds, so cormorants and two species of gulls (Dominican and Kelpova) nest here. In complete silence, only occasionally you can hear the voic of waves off the coast and the vois of albatrosses flying over the ocean.

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